2013 - Miniature Unique Artist's Books
            January at the Glass Column Gallery, Norwell Library, MA
2013 - Miniature Unique Artist's Books
            May at the Linden Ponds Gallery, Hingham, MA

What is an Artist’s Book?
“Artists' books are a hybrid, multi-medium art form. Artists create them for a variety of purposes, as one-of-a-kind objects or as multiples, made by hand … Artists' books can be structured as pop-ups, folded pages, scrolls, tunnels (giving visibility to what lies behind), fluttering flags, tablets or the traditional Western codex of folded pages sewn on one side. Book artists may use handmade papers, archival art paper, construction paper purchased in bulk or no paper at all. Artists' books do not always marry words or text with images. There is no one form or look to artists' books.”
Laura Meyers

My artist's book are, indeed, "miniature", as they measure no larger than 2" x 3" and are made from monoprinted images as well as found objects; and the verses are chosen carefully to mirror the images.

2013 - April 1st-30th
          "MONOTYPES" One-Woman Show
           Rockland Memorial Library Rotunda, Rockland, MA

Morning Mist

EB Series III
Elbow Beach, Series IV

Muntins Series II #2

Muntins, Series III, #7

Ménage A


2013 - April 13th & 14th
           The Women Artists of Studio 1061
           Alden House Gallery of The Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA

Winter Lake


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