“Misty Tyler Revealed”
Back in the mists of time, when young women were addressed as “Miss,”
the office receptionist called down the hallway, “Who on earth is Misty Tyler?!” 
It had begun.
An Exhibition of art by
Corinne (Miss)  D’Italia
Vine Hall Gallery, South Shore Natural Science Center, Norwell, MA
Friday, October 18 - Monday, November 18, 2013


San Bartolomeo

Ménage A

Ménage B

Muntins Series I, #1

Midnight Gull Frenzy

Celestial Clothesline

Muntins Series II, #4

Canterbury #1

Stonehenge Revisited

EB Series IV
EB Series III

Muntins Series III, Gryphon #7

Nantasket III

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