Summer Solstice - Midsummer
One of the four solar holidays; the turning point at which summer reaches its height and the sun shines longest.

“I... stayed in the heat looking out at
the garden in its last definition,
freshening and stirring. A suggestion,
behind it all, of darkness: in the shadow,
beside the laurel hedge, its gesture.”
Daphne Heard with Horror
Eavan Boland

Muntins .1. Series I

Muntins .5. Series I

“...Evening has fallen.  A rim of the young moon cleft the pale waste of skyline, the rim of a silver hoop embedded in grey sand; and the tide was flowing in fast to the land with a low whisper of her waves, islanding a few last figures in distant pools.” 
Portrait of an Artist
James Joyce

Nantasket 58 III

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